Luca Brasi "If This Is All We're Going To Be" CD


If preceding LP’s Extended Family and By A Thread sound like a young band experimenting excitingly with the elements of punk rock, ‘If This Is All We’re Going To Be’ sees the band nail their unique, cracking formula. They've perfectly married melody, their trademark meandering guitar lines, big drum sounds and self-examining lyrical content with the foundational punk and rock ideals that inspired the band. It is cohesive, powerful and moving, packing a dynamism no better reflected in the contrast of first two singles ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘Cascade Blues’.

'If This Is All We're Going To Be' was written over a couple of years amidst a demanding touring schedule and a period where the band were living in different parts of Tasmania. Keeping things close to home (as always), the band recorded at Red Planet in Hobart with Adelaide producer Jimmy Balderston, with US producer Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music, Circa Survive, Converge) taking the mixing helm. The result is bright but punchy, a no-frills good time that deftly challenges mid-twenties thought processes and hometown mentalities.

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