Lower Class Brats "Loud And Out Of Tune: Live" CD/DVD


TKO Records is proud to bring you the first live album from the LOWER CLASS BRATS!! “Loud & Out Of Tune” is an over-the-top deluxe package put together for all the BRATS fans out there. Recorded on the road in 2005 and 2006, this release features both a live 17-track CD and bonus DVD that captures the complete experience of seeing the BRATS rip it up live in front of a full house. This is the “Kiss Alive II” of live Punk Rock albums!! The BRATS blast through all their original crowd favorites, spanning their entire history, with some choice covers of Mad Parade, Misfits and Ramones classics thrown in for good measure. DVD Features: 13-song live set from 2005, Extended trailers for upcoming “This Is Real” LOWER CLASS BRATS video documentary, “Just Like Clockwork” music video, trailers for other TKO Records DVDs.

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