Letlive "If I'm The Devil" LP


Letlive.'s 2016 album, "If I'm The Devil..." is a strident, principled and heavy work. It's also perfectly suited for someone who just wants to pound on the steering wheel after a hard day at school, work or whatever institution happens to command most of your waking life. Just consider the name "Letlive." - it's meant to be life-affirming above all else. If their new album, "If I'm The Devil..." needs a genre, vocalist Butler would call it "revolutionary counterculture music," like a more emotional Rage Against The Machine, or Public Enemy with more inclusive politics. Butler grew up as a skater disillusioned with what he saw as a heteronormative, patriarchal punk rock scene until the older kids showed him black artists such as Bad Brains, Living Colour and Fishbone. Vinyl version includes digital download.

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