La Misma "Kanizadi" LP


After just one 7" and a handful of demos, NYC's La Misma release their debut LP, "Kanizadi," on La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in the USA. The title track, "Kanizadi," kicks off the LP with a Crisis-esque riff before heading deep into a world of fury, energy and UK82 pogo punk. Their sound is built on driving drums, bass that has depth and bounce, harsh yet catchy guitar work and intense vocals that are spat out in Portuguese. It sits somewhere between the fury of Tozibabe and the punkier side of As Mercenarias or Nixe, classic early '80s Italian singles by Kandeggina Gang or Jo Squillo and a demo found in the Riot City archive. "Kanizad"' is surely another vital piece in the puzzle of NYC punk in 2015. LP includes a two-sided, 19" x 25" poster.

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