Lagwagon "Hang" CD


As a band that has been heavily influential on modern punk, Lagwagon's existing resume is beyond reproach, yet "Hang" outshines all past exploits by utilizing every bit of their hard-earned experience, musicianship and song writing savvy. Musically it's a concoction of "Hoss," "Trashed" and "Blaze," seasoned with "Duh's" metallic overtones and the strong sense of melody from "Let's Talk About Feelings," and finished off with a progressive character as yet unseen on any previous release. Lyrically, it's a stunningly substantive commentary on the modern world, written through the lens of a lifetime of visceral experience. "Hang" is the perfect balance of music and meaning; massive riffs playing off of unforgettable hooks and classic melody, all bound by a stirring tone and message. Casual and dedicated Lagwagon fans will be blown away by what "Hang" accomplishes, but it transcends merely appealing to existing devotees.

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