Justin Smith / Kevin Stewart-Panko "Do You Have Anything To Declare?" Book


In "Do You Have Anything to Declare?," veteran music journalist/borderline hack Kevin Stewart-Panko and Vitriol Records head honcho/rent-a-guitarist Justin Smith interview 75 touring bands and musicians about their frustrating, terrifying, hilarious and ridiculous border crossing (mis)adventures. Compiling stories and experiences from the likes of the Dillinger Escape Plan and Fear Factory to Atheist and Zoroaster to old-school road warriors Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates/Disfear/etc.), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) and Rich Hoak (Brutal Truth) and many more, "Do You Have Anything to Declare?" uses first-person accounts to shine a light on the always nail-biting experience of crossing borders around the world while on tour.

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