Jamie's Elsewhere "They Said a Storm Was Coming" CD


JAMIE'S ELSEWHERE'S debut from Victory was merely an introduction to this young ambitious band. The mixture of UNDEROATH's metallic hardcore riffs and TAKING BACK SUNDAY's addictive hooks almost magnetically connected with a load of new fans that embraced the band and helped get the ball rolling. The band went back to the studio and decided they needed to turn things up to eleven on their sophomore release. Wanting a harder sound and more hook-driven choruses than the debut, they ended up with what will possibly be one of the most talked about records of 2010. They Said A Storm Was Coming begins with a ferocious punch that combines giant breakdowns with unforgettable pop-metal hooks and choruses. The entire record is incredibly heavy as it is undeniably accessible. This album surely will be the catalyst that takes this band's career and puts them in front of new fans who seek honest rock music in a time of mediocrity.

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