INXS "Dekadance" LP


Giving title to two separate collections in as many years, 1984’s Dekadance was originally released as a cassette compilation only in Australia. The seminal compendium of extended & re-mixed tracks from ‘The Swing‘ album is set to see its first ever official vinyl release to celebrate the album’s 35th Anniversary. (180 gram vinyl) Dekadance features six extended & re-mixed versions of songs from “THE SWING” album. These six songs are “ORIGINAL SIN”, “I SEND A MESSAGE” & “BURN FOR YOU” – all Nick Launay re-mixed versions & all released as twelve inch singles previously. “DANCING ON THE JETTY”, which is the re-mixed version released as the albums fourth single. Then there’s two rare extended/re-mixed versions of “LOVE IS (WHAT I SAY)” & “MELTING IN THE SUN”. As a bonus to all this, there is a seventh song included on the LP. The cover of the Nancy Sinatra / Lee Hazlewood duet “JACKSON” – performed by the band together with QED’s Jenny Morris duetting with Michael Hutchence on vocals. All of these lovely goodies are cut to a heavyweight 180-gram vinyl LP, featuring artwork replicated from the ultra-rare 12″ Dekadance promo gifted to Australian Radio stations in 1984.

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