In Trenches "Relive and Regret" CD


Formed from the charred corpses of I Killed the Prom Queen and Day of Contempt, In Trenches stands as a discordant divergence from their predecessors. * Their music possesses an ability to transcend the darker elements of our nature spewing forth a raw emotional power lacking in a modern world of imitators. A disquieting undertone of evil pervades every aspect of this record, expressing an unrelenting desire to watch the world burn. * Fresh from tours with Bleeding Through and Between the Buried and Me, In Trenches are poised to unleash their debut record "Relive and Regret" on the apathetic masses. With vocals that posses a melancholic savagery and guitars that wrench you from complacency, In Trenches has harnessed all that they are to create a hauntingly stellar release. For Fans Of: Misery Signals, Turmoil & Shai Hulud

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