Identity Theft "Masonic Youth" CD


After an extended period of hibernation, legendary Melbourne act IDENTITY THEFT is back, and with something damn good to show for the years: ‘Masonic Youth’, a diverse and lyrically potent serving of fiery, metallic and just plain rocking punk anthems. The four-piece rose to notoriety in the year 2000 with their debut album ‘New World Odour’, a release that soon became renowned for its refreshingly Australian and musically remarkable take on the idea of fusing the energy of hardcore punk with the technicality of melodic metal. Featuring members of such equally revered acts as Fuck... I’m Dead, Mid Youth Crisis, Forza Liandri, Shallow Grave, and The Kill, the quality delivered by Identity Theft is unquestionable. Though it is in a similar sonic realm to fellow historical crossover acts such as Propaghandi, Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour, ‘Masonic Youth’ indeed does present a robust identity of its own. With a dual vocal attack that sees drummer Jay trade off razor-edged screams with guitarist Chris’ husky melodies, the 11 tracks are filled with an honest and intense urgency, yet don’t suffocate a sense of fun in the process. Identity Theft is well and truly back, and ‘Masonic Youth’ is a milestone poised to turn the head’s of a whole new generation of hardcore fans across the world.

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