I Set My Friends On Fire "Astral Rejection" CD


I Set My Friends On Fire have come a long way since their electro-hardcore cover of Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” became an internet sensation in 2008. Their Epitaph debut You Can’t Spell Laughter Without Slaughter both established them as a unique blend of boy-band pop, Timbaland elctrobeat and Grindcore, and placed them at the cutting edge of a movement that includes breakout bands like Attack Attack and I See Stars Now comes their long-anticipated second release, Astral Rejection, continuing the trajectory started with their debut, but finding the band experimenting with dubstep and IDM, and finding a heavier hardcore sound. Building on the successes of the first album – with 15 million Youtube views for their Smosh.com collaboration “Sex Ed Rocks” – Astral Rejection will launch I Set My Friends On Fire to the stars and beyond. Track It Comes Naturally featured on the Epitaph 2011 sampler (10,000 to be given away across Australia June/July 2011) The Smosh.com Sex Ed Rocks has over 15 million views on YouTube Things That Rhyme With Orange Music video has over 1.5 million views on You Tube For fans of Attack Attack and I See Stars

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