HurtxUnit "Wired Wrong" 7"


Newcastle's "HurtxUnit" presents its newest transformation musically paying homage to where it began with a heavily influenced 80's styled punk/ hardcore. With such a style who better else than to have the legendary Don Fury to mix and master it. The result is six angst ridden tracks of melodic punk / hardcore. HurtxUnit formed in 2010 after the break up of the dead walk, ex members of found my direction, persist, life love regret, the exiled, the dead walk etc and current members of civil war, taken by force and setbacks. this record features guest vocals by Drew Charnock (found my direction) and Jamie Chipperfield (Disengage, NC Wolfpack, Life Love Regret, WMD). Recorded by Mat Taylor (Civil War, Hazards, Taken By Force etc) at Lloyd st sounds with mixing and mastering by Don Fury.

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