Hrvst: Youth Book


HRVST is not a music magazine. It is not about telling you how a new record sounds or how the tour of our favorite band went. Instead we "harvest" experiences, ideas and stories of people from the DIY music and art scene and produce a magazine that focuses on their individual stories and experiences, shedding light on a very up close and personal level. HRVST builds on a bigger, more complex and truthful picture of what makes them the people they are -- beyond the stage, beyond the canvas, beyond what you seem to know about them already -- and in the end unites them in one single topic per issue. This issue focuses on youth and features submissions from members of Bane, Rainer Maria, Ceremony, Portraits Of Past, Punch, Salvation, Raw Nerve, Funeral For A Friend, Ampere, Turmoil, Dangers, The Dillinger Escae Plan, Comadre, Milemarker, Good Riddance, and many more.

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