HR "Anthology" CD


Few voices are as unique as former Bad Brains frontman H.R., but like other like-minded artists like Jello Biafra, little mainstream attention has been paid to his solo efforts. On this 17 track compilation released by SST, his best material outside of the Bad Brains is put together into a solid collection that reflects his interesting musical tastes. The songs taken from Charge are of the pop-reggae variety, from the Wailing Souls-style "Let Luv Lead the Way" to the catchy "Shame in Dem Game." His dub efforts, like "Fool's Gold (Dub)," show a mature sense of space and subtlety that are only hinted at in his punk work. And the odd, keyboard laced tracks from Human Rights are no less interesting, feeling like a mix of the dark pop of pre-Mike Patton Faith No More and the joyful soulfulness of Bob Marley. Fans of his aggressive punk music may be disappointed, but open minded fans will probably enjoy the expressive, powerful music found on this album.

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