Hoodlum Shouts "Young Man, Old Man" CD


HOODLUM SHOUTS deliver their first full-length dose of brooding sing-alongs with their debut album 'Young Man Old Man' set for release on March 28 via Hellosquare/ Poison City Distribution. Recorded by Matt Voigt (The Nation Blue, Midnight Oil, The Dirty Three), Canberra's Hoodlum Shouts continues down the path of big bold simplicity and lush melodies, while balancing the needle somewhere between melancholy and uplifting. Musically 'Young Man Old Man' is a natural progression from their 2009 'Horses and Human Hands' EP, expanding the possibilities of modern Australian alt-country-rock, while lyrically exploring the age-old themes of history, our past and present, and the uncomfortable realisation that some things never change.

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