Hit List "Self Titled" LP


Hit List formed under the name Threshold (but changed the name due to the UK Threshold). Members had come from various small bands with the notable exception Lloyd Denovan of Within Blood fame on guitar. Many eyes were on this Melbourne four piece as no other band in the Australian scene had come close to filling the void of tough straight forward hardcore that Within Blood had left. In a live scene that seemed to be getting more lost along the way within its definition of styles and succumbing to trends, this band definitely held hope for those that wanted it back to the days of old. Hit List came out all guns blazing and from the very start showed their worth in songwriting and live performance. This reputation had the band in such high demand that they toured South and Western Australia alongside the likes of Mindsnare as well as off their own backs. Also sharing the same stage with Blood Duster, Most Precious Blood(USA), Terror(USA) and Ignite(USA).

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