Hey Rosetta "Second Sight" CD


'Second Sight' is the fourth studio album from the Newfoundland-based, now, seven members strong band. Lead track "Kintsukuroi" is the first, galloping glimpse into the spacious and experimental new album. “We let tones and effects direct the arrangements more than ever,” says lead singer and songwriter Tim Baker.
"If a certain direction sounded more compelling than the most obvious or comfortable or planned route, we'd go down that path and see where it lead. Marcus really fostered an atmosphere of experimentation and positivity and found a way to get the best out of everyone."
"Second Sight (is) not necessarily the traditional supernatural definition of remote viewing or seeing into the future, but more generally nurturing an alternative way of seeing your life," notes Tim. "A way of seeing with your intuition, with your body, with your faith (in whatever) as opposed to seeing only with your eyes, your rationality, your everyday brain."

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