Heresy "20 Reasons To End It All" LP


Heresy is one of the most influential UK Hardcore Punk bands ever to exist. From 1985-1989 the band were one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding UK scene. Heresy’s back catalogue has been totally re-mastered by Kalv Piper and Steve “Baz” Ballam from the band and “20 Reasons to End it All” is the final installment of a trilogy of discographies that Boss Tuneage has released (along with 1985-1987 and Face Up To It). It traces the final year of the band’s history and compiles the “Whose Generation” 7”, the “13 Rocking Anthems” LP (featuring their second and third sessions for the legendary John Peel Show) as well as the ultra rare “Live At Leeds” 7” tracks taken from the bands final ever show. In essence, this release is an absolute must for any fan of HERESY or UK Hardcore to complete their collection.

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