Have Heart "The Things We Carry" LP


This is the debut full length "The Things We Carry" from Massachusetts' most sincere Have Heart. From the mecca of hardcore, Boston, comes 11 unrelenting songs full of substance not found in today's scene. From three long years of hard work and dedication comes the product of their heart and soul, combining the early influences of Chain Of Strength and Turning Point with later great acts like Mouthpiece and Inside Out. With the production of master Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphys, Guns Up!, Blacklisted) the massive sound and fury of Have Heart was perfectly captured in 27 minutes of pure energy. Unable to stop until their message is heard by everyone, Have Heart can be found playing their unique mixture of old and modern hardcore with legendary bands such as Bane, Righteous Jams and Bold. Do not miss out on the passionate production found in "The Things We Carry." Now available again on vinyl.

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