Harms Way "Posthuman" CD


Harms Way's metallic hardcore has won them fans on four continents; their reputation for delivering blistering sets cannot be overstated, and their timely lyrics about struggle, personal growth and self-awareness leave a lasting impression upon any listener. Having grown with each subsequent release, the Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, The Amity Affliction) produced Posthuman, their fourth full-length - and Metal Blade Records debut - is a devastating addition to their catalog. That the band realized their goal of crafting something even heavier and more aggressive this time around is evident from the get go: opener "Human Carrying Capacity" a titanic force in it's own right, thunderous anti-anthems "Sink", "Become A Machine" and "Unreality" every bit as powerful. However, the band don't rely on sheer, unwavering, brute force; industrial elements frequently imbuing the songs with haunting atmospheres, and contributions from their newest members bestowing "Temptation" and "The Gift" with a pronounced and affecting eeriness.

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