Hard Skin "Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts" LP


Hard Skin’s Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts is the brilliant and groundbreaking debut album from one of the fiercest oi! bands to emerge from the streets of London. First released on Helen of Oi! in 1996, it was an instant street-punk megahit embraced by skins, punks and herberts alike. Thanks to renowned NYHC imprint Broken Rekids, this classic platter is once again available on vinyl, now featuring a deluxe, old-style tip-on jacket, digital download coupon and one bonus track not on the original version! Comprised of Johnny Takeaway (vocals, guitar), Fat Bob (bass, vocals) and Nosher (drums, vocals), Hard Skin have toured every corner of the globe, performing their unique brand of brickwall oi! for rabid fans the world over and releasing critically acclaimed, chart-topping masterpieces such as Same Meat Different Gravy and Live and Loud! & Skinhead.

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