Hands Like Houses "Anon" LP


Australian post-hardcore band Hands Like Houses formed in 2008, made up of members from disbanded groups Eternal Debut and So Long Safety. This is their fourth studio album "Anon".

Vocalist Trenton Woodley went into Canberra band Hands Like Houses’ fourth album wanting to turn his focus away from his own issues and onto those of people around him. His goal is reflected in the title, Anon.: Who wrote these lyrics isn’t important—it’s their relatability that matters. His intent is clear from opener “Kingdom Come”, a song about the world being so messed up that God could be forgiven for destroying it. Despite the doomy scenario, the track’s staccato handclaps and slashes of electrifying guitar are energising, as is the band’s willingness to step beyond their post-hardcore origins and lean on genres as diverse as rock (“Monster”), R&B (“Through Glass”) and nu-metal (“Black”).

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