Halshug "Sort Sind" LP


Second album from raw D-Beat Punk destroyers..Halshug return a year on from their 'Blodets Band' LP with a definitive follow up full length, firming up their fundamental take on hardcore punk with Scandinavian leanings. 'Sort Sind' released on Southern Lord, perpetuates the strength of the Danish trio's signature biting blend of dbeat and distorted stomp, and lives up to the downcast title that translates to 'Black Mind'. Rather than succumbing to the trappings of sub-genres, Halshug intuitively blast out pure hardcore punk tracks that make fists clench and bodies slam. Their grim outlook is evident from the start with a desperate, tortured sample taken from the 2013 Danish documentary that shares the title 'Blodets Band', and the themes of substance abuse, parental neglect and growing up in deprived areas of Denmark are present across the whole record - track names translate to 'Scum', 'Violence', 'Defeat' and 'Lonesome Death'. Underneath these dark missives, the band relentlessly pound out solid mid-tempo riffs that have as much as common with Gag and Blazing Eye as they do with their native predecessors Nuclear Death Terror - 'Sort Sind' is as gritty as it gets without shedding any of the crucial coherence that makes Halshug so memorable. The nine track record was written and arranged in the last months of 2015, apart from opener 'Sort Sind' which appears on their debut 2012 demo, and is updated to reflect the leaps forward the band have made in the four years that have passed. Recorded live, produced and mixed at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen by Lasse Ballade, who also produced and mixed 'Blodets Band', the 'Sort Sind' LP was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. 'Sort Sind' (Black Mind) is for fiends of: Discharge and Skitsystem.

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