Guttermouth "Whole Enchilada" LP


After a ten year radio silence; today Guttermouth are ready to present 'The Whole Enchilada' which will see release via Rude Records & Newmarket Music.


Consisting of a Live Album with previously unreleased Bonus Tracks and their most impressive hits to date plus a remastered version of both the latest EPs, 'The Whole Enchilada' is the perfect blend of what the California based punk rock band is all about.


An un-missable collection for die-hard fans, a great way to discover one of the seminal bands in the US skate-punk scene, surely a must-have for all the lovers of speedy riffs, 'stuck-in-the-head' choruses and outrageous, humorous and sarcastic lyrics.


Guttermouth is a punk rock band with nearly thirty years of tours, nine Full-Length studio albums, six EPs and two Live albums, are ready to get back on the road and shock their worldwide audience.

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