God So Loved The World "Self Titled" 10"


Formed in 2005 and hailing from Adelaide, the city of churches, God So Loved The World is a melodic hardcore band reviving the urgency and passion that made early punk and hardcore great.

Releasing their demo toward the end of 2005 saw a wave of interest including radio play on Triple J’s Short Fast Loud and the band signing to Sydney’s Resist Records. With influences ranging from Good Riddance and Black Flag to Sick Of It All, it is clear that this band love their hardcore sounds and throat-full-of-razors vocals, but still manage to carry melody, showcasing a maturity of sound and freshness that is lacking in much of today’s hardcore.

Sound aside the band’s focus is its message, an opportunity to share its faith, struggles and highest ideals. Their core-beliefs include the idea that God so loved the world that he gave his only son as a sacrifice for all, and disagree with the use and abuse of authority to regulate and control human behavior.

God So Loved The World’s debut self-titled EP, includes 6 brand new tracks and their out of print demo. For fans of Good Riddance, Paint it Black, Comeback Kid, Black Flag.

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