Give Up The Ghost "Background Music" CD


The long awaited re-release of the album "Background Music". The band changed its name to Give Up The Ghost after the original American Nightmare, a band based outside of Philadelphia, objected to the use of their name and trademark. Give Up The Ghost has shaped a sound and aesthetic that's identifiable and contextual. The immediate emulation of their sound and image by their peers clearly illustrates the point. The bands founding members, Tim Cossar and Wes Eisold, weren't just fans of hardcore music, they were steeped in its history. Cossar was a member of Ten Yard Fight whom Eisold had served as roadie for on many of their national tours. Hardcore would be the framework for their band; the thin lined sketch that they would fill in with colorful lyrics, genre bending song structures and an image new to the genre. Instead of adhering to the tight confines of punk and hardcore Give Up The Ghost let their diverse musical tastes permeate their songs. Initially you might not see the link to Archers Of Loaf, Joy Division, Pulp, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Morrissey, Fugazi, Lifetime or My Bloody Valentine in GUTG's sound, but its there. Give Up The Ghost will continue to redefine and challenge who and what they are visually, musically, and spiritually and they are taking an entire scene along for the ride.

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