Full Blown Chaos “Heavy Lies The Crown” CD


"Heavy Lies The Crown," the Ferret Music debut from Full Blown Chaos, takes the life lessons vocalist Mazzola has learned from his heroes like Freddy Madball, Roger Miret, Max Cavalera and Jamey Jasta and puts them forward into the world via the most bone-crushing metal this side of the year 2000, a sound that every bit delivers on the promise the band has shown on the road with Slipknot, Fear Factory and Hatebreed. It is an album full of increasing depth and new dimensions, unrelenting in its intensity, showcasing the reinvigorated attack of the brotherly duo of Mike Facci (guitar) and Jeff Facci (drums) alongside the rhythmic pulse of Mike "Lurk" Ruehle (bass), all offset by Mazzola's NYC hardcore weaned and Anselmo-inspired vocal ferocity. "Heavy Lies The Crown" incorporates the best parts of thrash titans Slayer, Testament and Metallica alongside the "basics" like Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All and Madball, with a healthy dose of the Southern groove of Crowbar, Down and Corrosion Of Conformity.

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