Fucked Up "Year Of The Pig" CDEP


Reigning kings (and queen) of punk and hardcore Fucked Up return with a mammoth 12-inch single, second in a series of records based on the Chinese Zodiac. "Year Of The Pig" is an 18-minute, 34-second-long prog-punk masterpiece featuring lush piano and organ arrangements by Max Danger (The Deadly Snakes) and guest vocals by Toronto's Jennifer Castle. The track starts with gentle guitar and soothing organ before heading into darker territory, with gruff male vocals offset by Castle's angelic singing and a meandering bass line. It's not until a full seven-and-a-half minutes in that the track explodes into a Keith Moon-esque drum workout, which is followed by a thrash attack. CDep version includes six additional bonus tracks not available on the LP.

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