From Autumn To Ashes "Live At Looney Tunes" CD


After spending all of 2007 on tour in support of their latest critically acclaimed album, Holding a Wolf By The Ears, From Autumn To Ashes found themselves with a few weeks to kill in early January before a trip to Europe for more dates. Instead of sitting home and relaxing, the band decided to set up shop at Looney Tunes, a renowned independent record store on the band’s hometown of Long Island. The store had suffered a devastating fi re earlier in ‘07, and the band was determined to find a way to help support the rebuilding process.

The recording that would become “Live at Looney Tunes” was done as a way to raise money for the store and help the place the band shopped for records at as teenagers. The recording and energy from the night was so special, the band decided to make it wider release for all of their fans across the globe to enjoy.

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