Framtid "Defeat of Civilization" LP


FRAMTID- Defeat Of Civilization LP.  Raw doesn't begin to describe the long-awaited new full-length from these Japanese crust vets. The guitars sound like someone stole the copper wires out of the pickups and ran the cable through three broken distortion pedals with every knob turned past 10. Drummer Shin takes center stage, new songs introduced by dizzying rolls that snap back to breakneck D-beats, over which singer Makino's deep roar remains visceral. "Defeat of Civilization" also demonstrates musical growth with songs running longer than on Framtid's four earlier releases, which allows for ripping, four-note guitar solos. While showcasing the powerful battle cries that made 2002's "Under the Ashes" an instant hardcore classic, it feeds on intensity and passion, making a return 11 years later with no letdown. Another great release from this Japanese band who started pummeling our ears back in 1997.

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