Fires Of Waco "Old Ghosts Never Sleep" LP


With too many of today’s (so called) punk or hardcore recordings simply a blur of formula and repetition, ‘Old Ghosts Never Sleep’ is a new shinning light; a refreshing contrast to the sea of unadventurous, copycat albums currently being released under the guise of ‘Hardcore’. Almost a year in the making, ‘Old Ghosts Never Sleep’ combines the experience of each member’s past bands (The Gifthorse, Just Say Go! and Values Here) with a new approach and reignited energy, resulting in 13 powerful, sonically diverse and thought provoking songs. Musically the album draws on a range of influences, from early post-hardcore sounds of Dag Nasty and Embrace to angsty, intricate rock like At The Drive In or the heavier and more experimental nature of Brand New and My Bloody Valentine, while still delivering a sound that FIRES OF WACO can call their own. Lyrically the album is a potent mixture of personal and political commentary. Songs such as “Terra Nullius” confront the ongoing mistreatment and misunderstanding of Australia’s Aborignal people while “Ambulance” is a somber tale of child abuse within a family. Recorded and produced by David Williams and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side NY, ‘Old Ghosts Never Sleep’ reveals a forward thinking band willing to explore the boundaries of punk rock and hardcore to make music that means something.

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