Fake Problems "How Far Out Bodies Go" LP


Recorded with Rob McGregor in Gainesville, How Far Our Bodies Go has a timeless feel that pushes the boundaries of punk rock while retaining the youthful exuberance inherent in the band's music. With its blaring horns, swinging tempos and anthemic vocals,"Maestro Of This Rebellious Symphony" sounds like it's about to combust at any moment; although "Astronaut" starts with an acoustic intro ,the song quickly erupts into the cathartic punk of "Crest On The Chest"; and the confessional ballad "Staying & Leaving As Living & Dying" evokes Saddle Creek artists like Bright Eyes and The Good Life. A concept album about morality and driven by a love of life and a fear of death, How Far Our Bodies Go manages to tackle existential subject matter in a way that doesn't come off as preachy or pretentious. In fact, metaphoric references to birth, travel, bones, weather, goals and uncertainty litter the album, forming a patchwork of experiences that make up one complete life experience.

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