Escape The Fate "This War Is Ours" CD Deluxe


When Escape the Fate emerged from the studio with their October 2008 sophomore release This War Is Ours, the question hanging over the band was whether they could retain the rabid following they had built with their debut Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. New singer Craig Mabbit (formerly of Bless the Fall) came through like a true fighter, and This War Is Ours only built on the band’s fanbase, producing four of the band’s most popular tracks: “Something,” “The Flood,” “Ashley” and the title song, which have sold over 200,000 tracks between them. Now comes the deluxe version of This War Is Ours, featuring 2 brand new studio tracks, 2 unreleased tracks from the original sessions, and a DVD of production videos of their most popular tracks, including the brand new video for “This War Is Ours.” Also included on the DVD are two featurettes taking fans behind the scenes: a trip with the band on their first European tour, and their first extended interview talking about the history and future of the band. Now the thousands of new fans discovering the band each week, along with old fans checking out this cool deluxe package, will get to know This War Is Ours in a whole new way.

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