End Of A Year / Shook Ones "Split" 7"


"Shook Ones are the only band who use "Whooa-oooo-ooooh's" in their songs that doesn't make us puke. They've been cool to us since the beginning. We were just starting to talk about doing this split when Sean at Runner Up Records contacted us and said "Hey, remember that show you played together? That was fun... how awesome would a split be?" and we took it as a sign. A split must be done. We put one long song on this. I personally think it's the most off-putting thing we've ever written, but in a good way. The pre-orders on this sold out in minutes, which I put squarely on the shoulders of Shook Ones. Thank you for making us seem popular. I don't think Sean is planning on repressing these, so get'm while they exist." - End of A Year

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