Electric Wizard "Wizard Bloody Wizard" LP


'Wizard Bloody Wizard' is the latest / ninthth studio album from Electric Wizard; produced by guitarist / vocalist Jus Oborn and guitarist Liz Buckingham, and mixed by Oborn, this six-track, all-analogue affair is the follow up to 2014's 'Time To Die'


When Electric Wizard put out 'Time To Die', the atmosphere in the camp was bleak; faced with various behind-the-scenes goings-on, the core creative team of Oborn and Buckingham were faced with a stark choice – go under or fight back… which they did.


On its release, 'Time To Die' was hailed as right up there with the best of the Wizard output, with Kerrang!'s 5-K review citing it as 'the heaviest, nastiest album ever!'


Fast forward three years, and 2017 finds EW in a less-haunted space, spectres from the past now laid to rest and new plans underway.


'See You In Hell' will be the lead single from 'Wizard Bloody Wizard', and an accompanying video has been filmed; international touring plans are being locked into place, and the road ahead is as devoid of twists and turns as it's ever been, with the line-up – completed by bassist Clayton Burgess and drummer Simon Poole – impressing as a force, and the forthcoming album imbued with fresh feeling and ambition.


Conceived to form a single piece of vinyl, these half-dozen tracks see The Wizard pursuing a more streamlined path, maintaining the essential, revered elements of their sound, whilst simultaneously taking a broader view, operating in a world beyond fashion, niche or cult.


At a time when heavier music is divided into various styles and strands, 'Wizard Bloody Wizard' was wilfully constructed to be a great hard rock album, simple as that – expansive, timeless and, yes, cool music that cannot be defined just as 'doom', or any other sub-genre.


Includes poster and digital download code.

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