Eisley “Combinations” CD/DVD


Eisley make some of the downright prettiest, and strangest, pop of the 2000s. Guitar pop-rock, yet layered; romantic, yet quirky; uplifting, yet melancholy, Eisley boasts an unexpected depth and breadth for a family group led by two singing sisters. Building on its lauded 2005 debut Room Noises, Combinations is diverse producer Richard Gibbs has played with Oingo Boingo, produced Korn and scored the film Queen Of The Damned but it is always centered on the winsome harmonies of Stacy and Sherri DuPree (with guitarist sister Chauntelle and a rhythm section of bassist cousin Garron and drummer brother Weston). That combination has made Eisley one of the most promising young acts of the decade. The DVD in the CX package includes eight songs from the bands Ventura, CA, concert, the Memories video and a 30-minute The Making Of Combinations video piece.

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