Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Rush To Relax" CD


From the pen of Eddy Current… "After holing up for much of winter, our band Eddy Current Suppression Ring actually got around to writing some songs again and practicing and doing the fun things that you start a band for. We grabbed our trusty half inch 8 track and headed down to Revolver Rehearsals in Prahran to basically have a practice and record a couple of songs and see what was a good way to record our next album. However, we started to play really well and things sounded good that day in that shitty room. 6 hours later we had accidentally recorded 12 songs. I took them home and lo and behold they were pretty good. I mixed it in my bedroom over the next month and magically we had an album! We are all super stoked on it and think its our best thing yet, which I guess is what all bands say when they put out a new record but we are bloody serious!!"

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