Dwarves "How To Win Friends And Influence People" CD


The first, the best, the last, the one and only Dwarves celebrate over 20 years of unmentionable practices against music, the populace, small animals, teenage girls, law, order and society with a kiss-off collection of 16 classic tracks on Reptilian Records. After 15 years out of print, the classic collection "How To Win Friends And Influence People" spits out re-recorded versions of the songs that made the Dwarves a universally loved Satanic cult of sex, drugs, and destruction - "Drug Store," "Fuck You Up And Get High," "Dairy Queen," "Let's Fuck" and many others. Although the originals resounded with power and fury, the newest versions are even mightier; not bland, verbatim clones, but altered arrangements - some slower, some faster, all better, recorded raw and with increased abandon. The Dwarves - talented, demented, (not to mention once young and good looking) leave countless imitators in their sleazy wake, but none could ever fulfill the twisted manifest destiny declared by these lawless pioneers many years ago.

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