Dogs On Acid "Self Titled" LP


The members of Philadelphia's Dogs On Acid have only been playing together since 2014, but there's nothing novice about them. For starters, the band is a veritable supergroup of revered Philadelphia acts, featuring members of Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing and others to make Dogs On Acid yet another export from the buzzed-about local scene. This longstanding entrenchment in Philadelphia's music landscape has allowed the punk/indie band - singer/guitarist Peter Helmis, guitarist Joe Reinhart, bassist Nate Dionne and drummer Nick Tazza - a refreshing amount of familiarity to bypass the typical startup grunt work that comes with forming a new project and focus on the most important thing: the music. The songs on this self-titled release at times feel effortless in the best way: "The Prick" stomps like Pinkerton-era Weezer; the playful hooks of "Flushed" make for an earworm surprise; and '90s indie-rock influences like Pixies, Built To Spill and Archers Of Loaf shine through on songs such as "Make It Easy."

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