Dodgin Bullets "Earn Your Respect" CD


The all-star cast known as DODGIN' BULLETS consists of members of No Innocent Victim, xDisciplex AD, Shockwave and Anchor. "Earn Your Respect" is a 12 song full length CD that consists of 8 re-mastered songs from both the out-of-print "Soundtrack..." CDep and the "World Wide War" CDep (4 songs from each CDep). 4 new songs also accompany this hard hitting release and are said to be the finest written and recorded DODGIN' BULLETS songs yet! This is hardcore - plain and simple. If you are looking for complex and technical songs that are 8 minutes long, you might want to look elsewhere! If you want adrenaline filled hardcore music that will flow through your veins and charge up your entire body, then look no further.

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