Discharge "End Of Days" LP


Formed in the late 70s by twin brothers Bones and Tezz Roberts along with Rainy Wainwright, Discharge changed the face of punk - and indeed extreme music itself - with their stunning "Realities Of War" EP, a four-song outpouring of pure intensity that boiled punk down to its basic components of rage, frustration and violent rebellion. Joined by Cal Morris, a diminutive vocalist with the roar of a lion, Discharge stumbled upon a sound that was so ugly it was beautiful, so horrifying it was irresistible, and it ushered in a whole new wave of gnarlier, nastier UK punk and ultimately paved the way for hardcore and thrash. With a brand new vocalist, Jeff "JJ" Janiak (from Broken Bones) revitalizing their creativity and Tezz Roberts back in the fold on second guitar to beef out their sound like never before, the current lineup, completed by Bones, Rainy and drummer Dave Caution, has signed to Nuclear Blast to unleash their new single "New World Order" and the aptly titled album "End Of Days."

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