Deez Nuts "Rep Your Hood" CD


After spending 7 years sat firmly behind the drums keeping the rhythm and beats fast and furious for I KILLED THE PROMQUEEN, JJ PETERS has gone stir crazy and mad with power. With the band disbanding he has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of IKTPQ with DEEZ NUTS, a one man musical assault of hardcore driven party anthems laced with a tongue in cheek rap ethic of just not giving a f#@k. With the overwhelmingly positive response to the DEEZ NUTS advance tracks on myspace his debut ep “REP YOUR HOOD” coming out on Stomp Records this year only months after its conception, it is already clear that deez nuts can not be stopped Although the release will not provide any enlightened social commentary or bring awareness to world issues, it WILL deliver fat beats, driving riffs, one liners, hooks that will have every punter singing along no matter what their musical preference and a string of all star guest appearances that would give any scenester a hard on.

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