Deep Wound "Self Titled" 7"


Armageddon Shop is proud to announce the release of a legitimate reissue of this classic USHC classic available again on vinyl. From Killedbytheheart: "Deep Wound was one of a handful of great punk bands from the outer regions of Massachusetts who have been largely overlooked by HC history in favor of the 'Boston Crew' bands who put out records on X-Claim! or Modern Method. The four-piece recorded their one and only single with Lou Giordano and Frank Michaels (Proletariat) and released it on the Radiobeat label in 1982. The record is snotty, teenage punk rock but played at lightning speed with totally manic singing. Drummer J Mascis and guitarist Lou Barlow went on to further greatness by forming the seminal indie rock band Dinosaur Jr., and bassist Scott Helland played in the Outpatients until their breakup in 1995."

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