Death Before Dishonor "Friends Family Forever" LP


Brutality is not something easily committed to tape. Death Before Dishonor has been garnering rave reviews for their unforgiving anthems and savage live shows over the last five years. It was their unrelenting work ethic that grabbed the attention of Bridge Nine Records, another Boston institution built with the same ideals that have built Death Before Dishonor - persistence, drive and desire. After the two teamed up for the first release of "Friends, Family, Forever" in 2004, Death Before Dishonor kept at what they did best - destroying crowds night after night on tour. Now it's 2006, and Death Before Dishonor is a band you cannot ignore. Not unlike the ascent of Hatebreed many years ago, Death Before Dishonor originally released a 7 song EP and they have supported it with non-stop international touring with Agnostic Front, Madball, Full Blown Chaos, and Terror. "Friends, Family, Forever" includes the band's Bridge Nine debut 7 song EP, plus 3 new songs, rounding it out as a 10 song full-length. CD version has a bonus six song "Live At CBGB's" set. Now available on vinyl!

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