Darren Gibson "Cross Town Motions" CD


If you have been paying any attention to the local music scene over the last ten years there is no questioning that at some stage you would have come across one of Darren Gibson’s bands. After spending many years playing in one of Melbourne's prolific melodic hardcore bands, Away From Now. Darren then branched off with some mates to form Lead Sketch Union and continue to produce amazing music before taking part in the Poison City Acoustic Trio better known as Tyre Swans. The past few years have seen Darren venture away from what he has been best known for in favour of picking up his acoustic guitar and ripping out some amazing and heartfelt tunes that are a bit more soothing to the ears. After working with the great Chuck Ragan on a split CD last year, Darren has recently released his debut album, 'Cross Town Motions'. www.darrengibsonmusic.com

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