Cursive "I Am Gemini" LP


"I Am Gemini" marks the first time frontman Tim Kasher, holding the completed story already in mind, wrote album lyrics in a linear fashion, in order, from song 1 to song 13. The result is thirteen singularly cohesive song chapters that blend effortlessly into one unique narrative. The moody and playfully sinister "I Am Gemini" is Cursive's musically heaviest track in years, with alternately muscular and angular guitars, pounding drums, and driving bass. From the eerie introductory sounds of epic barnstormer "This House Alive" and the irresistibly catchy, insistent "The Sun And Moon" to the searing "Double Dead" and the split personality prog-pop of "Twin Dragon/Hello, Skeleton," to the roaring, mournful closing track "Eulogy for No Name," the album is a dynamic, mind-bending, and imaginative ride. Vinyl version includes full album on CD.

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