Crumbsuckers "Turn Back Time" 2xLP


If you’re looking for the most exhaustive, high quality retrospective of their pre ”Life Of Dreams” recordings, you’ll find a true jewel in this massive anthology. 69 songs including all their Demos (the legendary “Crumbsucker cave” demo 1983, “Charge of the light brigade” Demo 1985 and two unreleased tapes 1983-1984) + a bonus CD with 3 great sounding live sets 1984-85 at CBGB‘s… one opening for the Cro-Mags! All the stuff included here features their former singer David Brady, and displays embryonic versions of all those anthems that were later re-recorded on their debut masterpiece + a bunch of unreleased tracks! Three sided double LP (one side silk-screened) housed in a thick gatefold jacket including rare photos, flyers and liner notes + exclusive artwork by Lucas Kalina.. bonus Live at CBGB CD sealed inside of the gatefold in a 5″ cardboard sleeve.

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