Crown Of Thornz "Mentally Vexed" LP


The second album by Crown Of Thornz, "Mentally Vexed" definitely introduced the world to a new style of hardcore punk, with the unique songwriting of Mike Dijan and the lyrical style of Ezec. Released in 1996 by Another Planet Records, "Mentally Vexed" was more accessible and very different from its predecessor, "Trainyard Blues," with its clearer production and overall less-dark vibe. With the addition of faster songs like "Icepick," an instrumental song, and even a cover of NYHC legends Kraut, they really showed the world they were one-of-a-kind and to this day, few have the balls to mix such elements while remaining true to their sound and roots. Their blend of emotional, thought-provoking lyrics and melodic-yet-hard riffs remain untouchable. Now available again on colored vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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