Court Martial "Demos & Singles 81/82" LP


Court Martial was a short-lived punk band founded in Bristol, UK in the year 1980, another obscure UK punk band from the early '80s. At that time the city of Bristol was a hotbed for a lot of influential early punk bands like Chaos UK, Vice Squad, Disorder, and Amebix, but Court Martial, a band formed by a bunch of youngsters, did not release much and disappeared into nothingness too fast to become a big hit. Their music is well-done, early '80s UK punk, taking influences from acts like Vice Squad, The Partisans, early Chaos UK, and Anti-Pasti. This discography offers material of following releases: both demo tapes recorded in 1981, the "Gotta Get Out" and "No Solution" EPs from 1982 and a track from the "Riotous Assembly" comp from 1982. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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