Coue' Method "To Mock A Vapid World" CD


Throughout the 90’s, Melbourne’s One Inch Punch, later known as Mid Youth Crisis (MYC) were the leaders of melodic punk in Australia. Their music was fast, muscular and sincere. Now, after a ten-year absence, three of its founding members, Steve Milligan, Heath McAnally and Adrian Lombardi, have re-banded as Coué Method.

In this new incarnation for the three, much of their earlier work has been retained; Milligan’s distinct vocals are powerful and melodic, the lyrics weave through dilemmas that are personal as much as they are political, and Lombardi and McAnally’s guitars sweep between the dissonant and uplifting.

There are fresh nuances too. With Ben Reichman (bass) and Sam Johnson (drums), the rhythm of the outfit drives like an escapee with the jacks giving chase. Regarding lyrics, Milligan himself attests, ‘I don’t feel hemmed in by political correctness anymore. I just say whatever I feel.’

Certainly, there is an accompanying sense of freedom that permeates the melodies. Society’s glaring imperfections are denounced, it’s direction questioned, but not without conceding one’s own inescapable flaws. The other end of the spectrum reveals love, hope and a faith in oneself to prevail.

Originally, the Coué Method is the name given to a psychotherapeutic approach toward self-improvement. Wikipedia tells us Émile Coué’s unique discovery was that willpower is the biggest obstacle in any cure. A fitting name, then, for many musicians, these not the least, who overcome personal challenges everyday to continue what they love doing best.

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